Now, Let’s discuss Something very important. Are you intending to sell or already a seller on shopify? Are you interested in getting hot leads for your shopify store? Would you like to position yourself as a real pro by driving  high traffic and sales to your site without any hassle? I will like to show you to make good sales, by driving the quality traffic to your store. Are  you be willing to discover how it works and put it to test?Stay with me as I take you through this. 


The vast majority of  people who do ecommerce do it completely WRONG

Why ?

Because they make the same mistakes that took me years to correct. 


Number one, they are using an ecommerce platform that is unpopular and will not enhance their effort. You must understand that your success depend on the type of  ecommerce platform you choose to sell your goods. 

Take for example:

You are not tech savvy and you have an ecommerce store that requires you to have Web development skill like Magento. What would you do since you aren’t tech savvy , you would probably outsource it to freelancers right? But peradventure after working on the site, your store develops an issue, will continue to outsource its maintenance? Then you will have to spend lots of money and time to ensure your store is properly set up and running.

Why do you have to do this? Why waste money and time?

Hang on , we’re not through yet
Now if you are already a seller on shopify and you are not making sales or getting huge traffic
How then will you be able to reach your goal? To build that empire you have always wanted? Pay your bills?

Lets Get some insight into shopify

Shopify is a leading cloud based multi-channel commerce platform. You can use the software to design, setup and manage stores across multiple sales channels. Shopify has achieved tremendous success in the last few years like having over  500,000 businesses in 175 countries and over 1.2 million are currently using it backend services. In 2018 , during the financial highlights,  The total revenue recorded in the first quarter of the year was $214.3 million , a 68% increase from the record obtained in the same quarter in 2017.

If you are doing it right, you will also have recorded some revenue for the first quarter of the year with Amazing traffic

Secondly, Which marketing medium are you using?

Forget Facebook, Forget Twitter, Forget Google Ads, Forget Instagram, Pinterest is probably the most underutilized platform in terms of getting traffic and making sales for your products. Pinterest is a pinboard-style, social sharing site where you get to  pin photos, graphic images, infographics and videos. The impact on business success when promoting through pinterest cannot be ignored. Since it started about 8 years ago. Pinterest already host over 200 million users and has a  total number of 175 million monthly active users. 81% of  pinterest users are females which are women who have money an love to spend.

Isn’t that great (LOL) Pinterest drives more referral traffic than youtube, Linkedin and google together and the traffic arriving to websites from pinterest is found to be 10% more likely to buy compared to 10% of visitors arriving from other social sites. Only a handful of pinterest notable influencers are top selling retailers and magazines. The majority are bloggers, individuals and small businesses. 

It’s time to start taking pinterest  seriously

When google launched it's social media network, it seemed like it will be the next big thing on the social-networking scene. Internet marketers and bloggers everywhere believed it will topple facebook But google's foray into social networking didn’t make so much of a bang as expected. But take a look at this platform that is a visual bookmarking tool-pinterest. It is one of the fastest growing independent site in the history of the internet. I mean  it has grown more visitors more quickly than any other independent sites. Even now it has over 10 million users (and the site is still invite only) 

Don’t you think  that is a huge market left untapped

Users are connected through facebook and twitter creating extra potential to gain


Pinterest doesnt just attract potential customers, it also sends them to your siteReferral traffic  for pinterest has outpaced google <linkedin and youtube combined and falls just behind Twitter. When you are an active member of the site, you can help control what links you are putting out there.  Optimize them with keywords  and promote repinning or sharing and this help your content reach more users and grow your referral traffic. All those inbound link are doing just more than referring customers to your site, they are also improving your search-engine ranking. You can optimize this links by ensuring that all the pins you create include keywords in your description and tags. 


Conversion Potential

Photos dominate pinterest. Infact, you can’t have a pin without a photo. All the gorgeous photos create a giant visual shopping cart for potential customers. Every photo has pin information about the product or service (or even a blog or article) and a link to the site where it is available

This is free marketing at its best

When you pin items and create boards (browse other users’ pins and boards) customers are essentially creating wish list or group of items that they would enjoy. The only thing that’s left for them to do is to follow the link and purchase your product or sign up for your emails.  there is significant conversion potential. 

Market Research

Thinking of introducing a new product?  Interested in making a few design changes in an existing product? Pinterest can help you figure out what’s hot now.  You can follow trends and figure out what the popular styles and products are. You can do this by browsing user boards- which group together items by categories such as “Stuff I like ” or “My style ” or by looking at top pinned items.


Do you pin inconsistently and at the Wrong time ?


You will quite agree with me that any form of marketing requires consistency and pinterest is no different. You cannot hope to develop loyal followers on your page if you don’t pin consistently. Social media users usually have small attention span. If you don’t post regularly, they won’t remember you. This is no JOke at all. Another critical mistake is pinning at the wrong time of the day Identify the peak hours of your followers and ensure that your best product reach them when they’re online and looking for it Pinterest is a powerful way to get your product in front of millions of users around the world. In short the key to success on pinterest lies on creating an engaged audience, creating and publishing high quality content at the right time of the day and ultimately making it easy for your followers to make a purchase. 


In this digital age, you have to innovate and find easier ways to reach larger audience, drive traffic and make great sales. Let me introduce you to it: The Business Pinterest Bot! This is what allows me to do the quick fix and relieves me of every burden and now I no longer struggle to make great sale. A software like this makes all the difference Here are the things you should look out for.

  • Pin every product in your shopify store on Auto pilot
  • Comply with Pinterest term of service
  • Create a custom description or use your own product description
  • Pin product image product title product description and link back to your stores product page url
  • Drip feed your products to pinterest as fast as you can
  • Start and Stop feature allows you to pin as much as you want when you want

Simply put, you are not going to find a safer, more reliable experience on the internet or anywhere

You really need to put some serious thought into purchasing the business pinterest bot. The Business Pinterest Bot will

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